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Foreign Caregiver


The need for foreign caregiver usually arises as a result of a substantial and dramatic change in the elderly's health and abilities condition, and in most cases the need is immediate.

Hiring a foreign caregiver


This article presents information on employing a foreign caregiver and provides general details about who is eligible for treatment by a foreign caregiver, how to get a permit to employ a foreign caregiver, how to bring the caregiver to Israel, what the employer's duties are and what the rights of the caregiver are.


The employment of a foreign worker in general and in long term home care in particular is not a trivial matter, and since the state defines the beneficiary as an employer, he is subject to obligations as much as an ordinary Israeli employer.


An elderly who needs the help of others in carrying out day-to-day activities will find it difficult to cope with the employment of a foreign worker, and his entitlement to employ a foreign worker is granted to him when his health condition worsens.


Therefore, the person who usually deals with these administrative issues is a family member of the senior and it is desirable, worthwhile and important to get qualified assistance and guidance throughout the process. We offer the service for free as we see it part of our duty as service providers.


Who is entitled to employ a foreign caregiver?


The simplest definition is that eligibility is granted to those who need care and supervision around the clock 24/7. Despite the simplicity of the definition, there are still restrictions, and a personal examination of each senior is required.


Eligibility is examined through the elderly's health condition, place of residence, age, type of long term care benefit, marital status, etc.


It is important to consult with one of our representatives who will assist in a preliminary examination.


How does it work?


An application for a license to employ a foreign worker must be submitted to the Immigration and Population Authority at the Ministry of the Interior. The submission of the application depends on the type of long care benefit or the patient's proven condition, and it is necessary to attach relevant documents to the application. Sometimes a dependency test is performed by the Population and Immigration Authority. When the permit has been received it is possible to employ a foreign caregiver. The senior and the nursing company are usually jointly employing the foreign caregiver.


Recruitment of a foreign caregiver


Recruitment of a foreign worker is carried out through a licensed corporation (taagid)  after obtaining a permit to employ a caregiver.


Our company accompanies the process paying special attention to the senior's and his relatives' full satisfaction.


The adjustment of the foreign caregiver should be very accurate and based on the ability to set up contact between the caregiver and the senior, cultural background as close as possible, proven ability to care, language, gender and more.


It is important to recruit a caregiver who will fit over time.


For full details and in order to check the degree of your mom's or dad's suitability for employing a foreign caregiver, please, contact our branch nearest to your place of residence or leave details and we will contact you immediately.


Employment of a foreign caregiver


The rights of the foreign caregiver are determined by law and in fact are the same as those of Israeli workers. A foreign caregiver is entitled to annual rest days and illness vacation, payment for holidays and convalescence, compensation and provident like any other employee.


In addition to these rights, which also include the payment of a minimum wage at least, a foreign worker is also entitled to accommodation in his own room and nutrition, the right to shower and use the apartment facilities and he in turn participates in expenses in accordance with the law.


As an employer, you must arrange for payment for employee's health insurance, for payment to the National Insurance Institute (in accordance with the law).


The role of the nursing foreign caregivers' corporation is to take care of the recruitment of the employee and everything involved in bringing him to Israel and moving him in Israel if needed.


We accompany our customers and assist if possible and if necessary in employing foreign caregivers. Call us 072-3953-729 or leave us a message.

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