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LACOL: Family Atmosphere

Our History

LACOL company for the elderly long-term home care was established in 1993. Its founders understood that not everyone was able to provide proper help to elderly people who needed assistance in performing such everyday routine actions, as to get dressed in the morning, have a bath, prepare breakfast etc.

An elderly person who needs everyday assistance is in a sensitive and vulnerable situation, both because of the functional difficulties, changing mood and cognitive state.

The purpose of LACOL  Nursing and Welfare Company is to properly deal with all everyday needs of your beloved moms and dads. Our team is reliable because it consists of highly qualified good hearted caregivers.

Our Manifesto

The primary task of a caregiver is not just to help an elderly person get out of bed in the morning, wash, get dressed and have breakfast. The most important thing is to create in his house such a warm, light atmosphere in which he will feel every hour, every minute that he is not alone, that he is surrounded not only by care, but also by love.​

We have been recruiting employees according to these criteria for 27 years. Thanks to strict selection, we managed to create a unique team in which there really are no random people. When the LACOL company  is called a family company, this is what is meant - a bright warm atmosphere in a team that has become one big family.

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