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Heroes of Israel's Independence Day: doctors, nurses and caregivers

Today we are celebrating the 73rd anniversary of Independence. Yesterday a traditional torch-lighting ceremony took place at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. Heartwarming speeches were made, but the audience was still wearing surgical masks.

My heart ached when, right after the grand opening of the ceremony, I saw on the huge stage not only singers and dancers, but also doctors, nurses and caregivers. For the first time in the history of our 73 years old state, you became the heroes of the year, my dear colleagues, metaplym and metaplot. You saved the lives of thousands and thousands of our grandparents together with brilliant Israeli doctors, nurses and ambulance staff.

Unbelievable! Just over a year ago, in the days of the first lockdown, the life in our country came to a standstill, as it seemed to us - forever. The nature of coronavirus had not yet been studied, and we were afraid to touch the handrails or press the button in the elevator, because of the risk to get infected.

Despite the complete obscurity, our caregivers, metaplym and metaplot, fearlessly went out of the house and rushed to supermarkets and pharmacies, as if fleeing from invisible viral "projectiles" – in order not to leave our grandmothers and grandfathers without food and medicine. You protected the elderly not only from everyday routine troubles, but from loneliness, the most terrible disease at the time of pandemic.

Not by chance immediately after our Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu managed to purchase the coronavirus vaccine, and its first batch was delivered to Israel, the government - without lengthy discussions and bureaucratic red tape - decided: the first to be vaccinated along with your wards are you, foreign caregivers!

Yesterday such warm, such sincere words of gratitude to our doctors and caregivers were heard at the ceremony of celebrating the 73rd anniversary of Independence, that it is simply impossible not to shed a tear. If Israel has become the first state in the world where life is confidently returning to normal, it is thanks to you too, my dear colleagues-caregivers!

On Israel's Independence Day and always, be happy - feel happy! You have a good reason to be proud of yourself. You are our heroes, the real ones. Modest. Strong. Fearless.

Thank you for your dedicated work!


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